Event planning is a complexes process that includes preparing budgets, choosing the perfect venue, making arrangements for the necessary activities, finding the ideal decorator and caterer and finally coordination all of it to ensure that the event is a success. Here some tips that may be of help to any event planner

Organise Your Workspace and Plan Your Time

Make sure you declutter your desk or office. You need a fresh workspace that is neat and tidy to carry on the whole process of event planning. A good workspace will help you work efficiently and productively. Make plans and lists of all the tasks you must accomplish within the day or weeks. Check back with your list to make sure you haven’t missed something important. Your focus and energy is vital in planning an Event.


Prepare a detailed budget. You may not stick to every single thing but make sure to never step over the budgeting plan. This will complicate and slow the entire process of the event.

Choose a Suitable Venue

Venue is the base of any event. Make sure you spend enough time comparing various venues before making the final choice. Location of the venue is necessary because in the case of good christening venues it is best if it’s close to homes of guests. Check the safety of the venue and read the feedbacks so that you will not be disappointed. Make sure you are comfortable with the crew you will be working with to avoid stresses. A good venue ensures a simple event planning.

Make a Detailed Plan and Stick to it

As an Event planner you will be working with many parties. Make sure you are very clear with each party that last minute changes or cancellations will not be accepted. Each party must be clearly informed of what they are expected to do and stress on the importance for perfect results. Arrange meetings with the decorators at the venue site so that they can plan and design for the event based on the style of the venue especially in the case of 21st function venues Melbourne.


Well detailed Contracts must be made with all the parties you are dealing with. Failure to do so will make it easy for other businesses to manipulate and change the initial conditions on which the deal was made. It may be time consuming but all contracts must be well read and understood before signing on the dotted line. Contracts give less allowances for fraud and helps save you from arguments with other parties.