Garage Doors are commonly made for the safety of premises and valuable stuff inside the premises. They are operated automatically by a motor attached to the door which is controlled by a remote control device or a switch cabled with the door to raise or lower it. Mostly these doors are operated by a remote which is easy to use for a driver sitting in the car as he/she has to click the button to open or close the garage door it has a range of 500m, the owner can operate it from a distance. These doors are not only used for garages they can also be used for different warehouses, shops, or any place where valuable stuff is kept. They are reliable for security reasons as they are made of thick steel or aluminum which prevents it from any damage or burglary attempt.

The first garage door remote controls were very basic and simple as they consisted of a transmitter attached to the remote and the receiver which was used to operate the door. The remote would send signals to receiver on specified frequency and then receiver after receiving the signals from remote opens or shuts the door. After advancement of technology wireless top quality garage door in Brisbane opener system was introduced in which the remote control was communicated with a specified digital code and the receiver only works if that specified code is entered but this system soon failed as they were not a large number of codes, the burglars were able to bypass the security code and gained access to the garages and other premises of people, this issue was solved as the manufacturers eliminated DIP switches and reprogrammed 3 billion different codes which were impossible to bypass.

The latest technology used in garage door repairs in Brisbane is frequency spectrum it ranges from 350-450 MHz it transmits a unique code to remote control and once a door is opened or closed it automatically expires the previous code and a next sequence of code is set. This is the safest system ever introduced as no one can forge a code.

Majority of firms provide garage doors, these firms have highly skilled workers and they also provide fixing and delivery of garage doors. Some high scale companies also provide after sale services in which they repair or replace any part of the door without any cost. These doors can be bought online from different sites of companies manufacturing them or can be purchased from nearby hardware market