It has certainly been encouraging to see the campaigning for mental health in recent times. It is actually been a long time coming. As depression and anxiety have the world in a stronghold, the need for vigilant mental health tools is more important than ever. Of the many options, one of the most well-known and perhaps also misunderstood, is therapy. Though many people are curious and would like to try it out, they are also at the same time anxious to be labelled in society as ‘seeking a therapist’. However, the stigma around this continues to be broken, and with a few handy tips, you should be able to face your first session with less trepidation. clinical psychologist gold coast


Though it is understandable you probably do not want to think about the upcoming session until you are actually there, you should be preparing in advance. You need to have an idea about what you want to get out of therapy. These sessions do not come cheap, and as an investment on yourself, you want to ensure you get the best return on it. Just like a company. Except, this is your health and well-being, and definitely more important. Think about what you want to improve, and your psychologist Gold Coast will also find it easier to help you.


One of the main reasons many people tend to back out of therapy, is the prospect of having to open upto a complete stranger. For some others though, this is easier than speaking to loved ones. What matters is, that you speak to someone about your issues instead of bottling them up. Remember nobody is perfect, and you need not hold back from being your complete self. If you do not feel comfortable with one therapist, feel free to opt for a few other options to see who you feel most relaxed around. It is very important that this is there for a productive session and fruitful results.


People often tend to think that therapy is like visiting the doctor for any other ailment. They tell them what is wrong, and receive a prescription for medication, which they follow and are back to normal again. With therapy however, it is a two-way street. You need to also put in some work if you want to progress. This is to do with the mental being not physical, and your therapist does not have direct access to it. Only you do. Typically, a clinical psychologist is often recommended for those who find it tough to control their mind accordingly, so they can be taught new thought processes.


There is absolutely no reason to panic. The therapist is there to help you, so actually you should be feeling very relieved. Instead of having to cope alone, you now have support, and a way to climb out. You will be equipped with the know-how to navigate your monkey mind, which will be invaluable in helping you charter the waters of life. Take a deep breath, know you are not doing this on your own, and take comfort in the fact that there are many just like you, who are taking responsibility for themselves and aiming to make a change in their own lives.

Role Of Counselling In Dispute Resolution

During the case of separation perhaps you have heard the name of family counselling or dispute resolution. When you are told to go for a counselling, certainly you don’t want to go for that. But, you should not neglect it and give importance to this. Basically, a family counselling is recommended whenever you are passing through hard times, like separation or divorce. During this time, the person who loves very much her partner suffers a lot. This is why a family counselling is recommended by the psychiatrist. However, a family counselling will help you to get rid of such physiological disorder, like extreme sadness, insomnia, remaining absent minded and many more.Nowadays, it becomes a strict rule that without having the certificate from a family dispute resolution Perth practitioner you will not be able to proceed in court works anymore.

The Family Law Act has signed this strict rule. In order to assure the abuse of complaining party need to file a certificate with a written application in order to get evidence. However, a counsellor may provide you several types of certificates. Perhaps, you are thinking that what is the role of counselling in dispute resolution?

Here are given some undeniable advantages of this kind of counselling.

•Basically, this type of certificate is the clear evidence of your inability to attain the counselling as your partner was absent.

•Another certificate may say that both of you even after attending the counselling and discussing about some problems remains still. And the certificate will also express this same problem.

•After attaining the counselling you are still trying to fix the issues, but you may notice that your partner or the opposite party may not show his interest for fixing up those issues.

•Sometimes, the councilor himself feels that this dispute counselling resolution is useless to them. It happens when:

•A child is being abused by one of the parents

•If one of the parents fails to apply for the order quickly

•If there happens any family violence by one of the parties to the proceedings

•Perhaps there is a chance of family violence by one of the parties to the proceedings

•If one of the parties fails to attain the counselling because of physical illness

•Perhaps the opposite person have behaved badly which is somehow showing disobedience towards the order