These are just a few simple themes that will help you out. Make sure you know what the bride-to-be’s favorites are. That way you can decide the perfect theme. Add in the surprise element by making the whole shower a surprise party.A bridal shower isn’t just about congratulating the bride-to-be and showering her with gifts. Its about giving her a great time filled with entertainment, fun and excitement. In order to host such a bridal shower you might want to do a little bit of hard work. You will have to include fun activities, decorate the place with some great decors, have some mouth-watering snacks and so much more. We got some great tips to help you pull off an amazing bridal shower.


Start off planning the bridal shower on the right foot. E-invites might sound easy but is it worth it? A physical invitation is suppose to be more special. It make the party sound unique, important and a must-attend event. So, create some beautiful invitations. You don’t necessarily have to print them or get them done. You can opt for DIY invitation cards.


Next off, plan your budget. Separate the amount of money that you are hoping to spend on decor, gourmet catering Sydney, games, favors, gifts and more. This way you will have a thorough idea of the amount of money that needs to be spent on each category. Also, you will be able to save up money by opting for DIYs like baking the foods instead of purchasing them, making the decor instead of opting for the typical party decorations you find at stores. This way the party will be more unique and budget-friendly.

Set up stations

Organizing the items is a great way to keep the party more charm and elegant. Have a coffee cart Sydney to place the snacks, have a separate station for drinks, favors and all.


Make sure you include some fun games and activities to get everyone hyped up. Also, pop in some music and get everyone to dance. You can even opt for a more simpler version like have a small theater and watch some favorite movies of the special girl.


Including flowers, pom poms, fairy lights, ribbons, banners and candles are just a few simple ways that you can decorate the place and make it glow. Opting for DIY options will help you save money. Also, you can use items at home to decorate the place like some old mason jars and ribbons will make some great vases for the flowers.These few simple tips will help you immensely. You will be able to pull off one great bridal shower which will make the bride-to-be awe-strucked.