Ask them how they will accept payment. You can pay all the professionals through them or you can pay them directly. Ask if the planner will both play the designer and the coordinator. It is better to choose one who can do both with perfection. Depending on these questions choose the planner wisely and move ahead towards a happy married life.  

Wedding is a special event that everyone tries to make perfect. Now, wedding in a beach is a craze. Marrying standing on the sand and water touching your feet can be really exciting. The salty spray and the air can add to the event. We have seen many pictures and even many of us have attended some.

Is beach wedding really that exciting and beautiful? We are all imagining a beautiful wedding. But do we really prepare for such a wedding? Anyone who is planning for a destination wedding should know everything that can happen or usually happen in the event. Also, one should search for an experienced celebrant for the wedding. This will help to prepare for everything.

Loud noise of waves and sea wind:

If you are enchanted by the pictures of  Byron bay beach weddings, it is time to know the truth behind it. If you choose a beach with high waves, there will definitely be loud noise. So, it will be nearly impossible for the guests to hear you take the oath. You can just arrange for microphone to let them hear. These can be well adjusted with your dress. So, don’t worry about spoiling the look. The wind will both affect you and the guests. So, prepare yourself and also inform the guests. You won’t like to let some of your guests suffered due to lack of preparation.

Accessibility and barefoot on the sand:

It will be really nice to stand barefoot on the sand and pose for the pic and for the ceremony. It is only possible in cooler season. If you are marrying in the summer season, you will have to face the sun. It is really tough to stand on heated sand both for you and your guests. Even, there will be the problems of bug bites. So, you must be prepared with slippers and spray. If some of your guest needs some special arrangement, like Walker or wheelchair, prepare for these beforehand.